Welcome to my Website!

I am very pleased that you dropped by. I don't get many visitors here in the Tree Lined Caverns. This is a Developmental Site. By that, I mean that I am in the process of Creating the Web Documents and Constructing the Cascading Style Sheets that will be used for Displaying some interesting and often cool materials here.Sasquatch's favorite Privacy Oriented search Engine is DuckDuckGo If you have never used it before, then by all means, take a moment to visit the Fuzzy Duckie. You can get there either by Left Button Clicking on the Link, or by Right Button Clicking on the Link and Selecting open Link in New Tab

Sasquatch is Retirednow. Sasquatch was developing Diabetes, but did not know it. That is, until Sasquatch had a Mini-Stroke. Enough damage was caused to Sasquatch's Brain, that he could not work any more. The knowedge which Sasquatch spent more than thirty years gaining and refining... it is either gone or locked away behind a wall of dizziness, nausea and headache.

It has taken Sasquatch nearly a year to recover enough that he can actually Type again. It takes longer. It is very difficult. There are a ton of spelling errors and words do not fly into Sasquatch's head any more, because part of the damage was done to Sasquatch's speech communications circuitry. But Sasquatch perserveres. Crap, Sasquatch has no idea if that last word was spelled correctly.

Doesn't matter.

Years ago, Sasquatch had some other Web Pages which he created. They were at Tripod and Geocities. Both of those Web Servers are dead now. That is just fine, because the Cats here at Neocities have resurrected the concept of good old fashioned Web Authorship. I look forward to Building some entertaining, informative and down right interesting Documents to display here.

Sasquatch Interests

Some people wonder what Sasquatch's Interests are. Truth be told, Sasquatch has a plethora of interests. Some of his favorites, though, are:

If you are new to Neocities and plan on creating a Web Site here, I recomment that you take the time to learn HTML and CSS3. There are some excellent tutorials which can be found on the Neocities Home Site. They are Free and they will definitely get you started. You can check them out here: tutorials!

Well, I will bid you good bye for now. I have to retreat into the Holy Grotto in the rear of the cave and sit down with pen and paper. I need to start drawing up ideas on how I want this Web Site to look in the near future. Have a good one and may Gods and Angels Bless You All. --Sasquatch